Melanie-Anne Atkins

Melannie-Anne Atkins
Associate Director, TA Programs  
519.661.2111 x84624



Ph.D. Education (Western) Applied Psychology
M.Ed. (Western) Educational Psychology & Special Education
B.Ed. (Western) Intermediate/Senior Biology & General Science
B.Sc.H. (Queen’s University) Life Sciences

Dr. Melanie-Anne Atkins is delighted to return to the Centre for Teaching and Learning after a 4-year absence. Her prior contributions to the CTL include developing eLearning modules for graduate students and faculty members, facilitating microteaching sessions for Teaching in the Canadian Classroom and the Advanced Teaching Program, and mentoring graduate students as the Faculty of Education Lead TA and then as a TATP Instructor.

Dr. Atkins has partnered with every Western University faculty and Western-affiliated university college to develop a diverse set of educational resources and assessment tools in the areas of mental health and wellness, financial literacy, anti-oppressive practices in education, academic literacy and research skill development, intercultural communications, and eLearning.

Dr. Atkins has delivered over 200 presentations, the majority during her time as Wellness Coordinator, where she led the creation and development of the Wellness Education Centre into a student-led wellness education innovation hub, teaching evidence-based strategies to improve the mental health and wellness of the Western community. Drawing on her PhD research in anti-stigma education, which received the Alberta O’Neill Ontario Graduate Scholarship for academic achievement and research merit pertaining to children’s mental health, Dr. Atkins has become a key contact for staff, faculty, and student leaders seeking mutually beneficial, enriching, and sustainable strategies to support students with mental illness in the classroom, and to promote mentally healthy learning environments for all.

Selected Publications

Atkins, M., Anderson, E., & Khoo, Y.(2022). The healing is mutual: Students as partners in anti-oppressive education. International Journal for Students As Partners, 6(1), 128–136.

Maddock, N., Atkins, M., Fazekas, M., & Robinson, J. (2020). Wellness overdue? Check in at the Weldon Library wellness station: Partnering for student wellness. In A. Lannon, & S. Holder (Eds.), Student wellness and academic libraries: Case studies and activities for promoting health and success. Association of College & Research Libraries.

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Selected Presentations

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