Path 2: Designing to Meet Course Learning Outcomes


This pathway provides a course design strategy for rapidly planning your online course. This process is designed to ultimately save you time by enabling rapid decision-making on how your online course is best structured and what components are necessary to meet your course learning outcomes.

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Learning Outcomes [7 min]

The first step of the course design process is to devise or review the course learning outcomes. Learning outcomes are statements that clearly describe the competencies or significant learning that students have acquired at the completion of a course. In other words, what students know, are able to do, and value at the end of the learning experience.

Designing Course Assessments [7 min]

Once you've determined what you want students to accomplish, plan how they will demonstrate that to you through online assignments and evaluations.

Select Teaching & Learning Activities

The final key element to course planning is to decide the key ways students will work towards building the knowledge, skills, or values required for successful performance via the course assessments.


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