Adding Modules to your OWL Site

Follow these instructions to add modules to your OWL site. If you would also like the modules to connect to gradebook, pay particular attention to "Configure to Gradebook".

Add SCORM Player

In order to connect to gradebook, the module needs to play with the SCORM Player. To add SCORM player to your OWL site:

  1. Navigate to your OWL course site and select "Site Info" from the left-hand menu.
  2. Select "Edit Tools" and make sure "SCORM Player" is selected in the list. Scroll to the bottom and select "Continue".
  3. Select "Finish" on the page that appears.
You should now see the SCORM Player in the left-hand menu.

Add modules to site

  1. Download SCORM zip folders onto your computer and note where you save them.
  2. Log into your OWL course site.
  3. Click on "SCORM Player" in the left-hand menu bar in your OWL site and select "Upload" on the top menu bar. Select "Choose File" and find the SCORM zip file you saved to your computer.

Configure to Gradebook

  1. In the SCORM Player, find your module. Click "Configure".
  2. Check off the tab beside "Synchronize score to Gradebook".
  3. This will create an entry in Gradebook that will automatically update the grades from the SCORM player.

Allowing students access to the module

The module can be uploaded and embedded within a Lessons page so that students can access it.

  1. Go back to the SCORM Player tool. Right click on the name of your Module and select "Copy link address".
  2. Under a Lessons page, click on "Add Content" and then "Embed Content on Page".
  3. Paste the link you copied earlier in the Add URL box. If you can't see a preview of the module, select "Try other alternative", OWL will put the contents into an IFRAME.
  4. Once you hit Save, the Module should be embedded on the Lessons page.
  5. You can adjust the size of the Module by clicking on the Edit button to the left of the module and adjusting the height (try 800px).