Pop Up Pedagogy

Invite us to your Departmental meetings or include us in your Professional Development schedule! The CTL eLearning Team offers 30-minute sessions for department and group bookings. Each session offers practical ways to create better online learning experiences for students.  Departments wishing to address questions related to the session are welcome to add on an additional 15-30 minute Q&A. 

Book a Departmental Pop Up Pedagogy session now using our booking form!

We are also offering synchronous online Pop Up Pedagogy sessions. Please see session title for date and time if it is being offered.

Current Pop Up Pedagogy sessions include:

  1. Leading Engaging Synchronous Sessions:

The session is divided into three sections: how to plan and prepare for synchronous sessions to maximize student engagement, how to facilitate a live synchronous session to ensure student outcomes are met and, finally, how to follow up your synchronous session. Please note: this is not a technical workshop on using or troubleshooting Zoom.

  1. Getting the Most Out of Your Discussion Forums: 

In this session participants will explore the best times to use discussion forums in their course, practice constructing a strong prompt to facilitate deep meaningful discussions, and consider the implementation of key tactics for overcoming common challenges associated with discussion forums. Participants should leave the workshop better prepared to construct rich discussion prompts and to implement discussions in the most meaningful way for their desired course outcomes.

  1. Re-engaging your Online Students:

This informative session discusses how to implement several easy and practical changes that will re-engage students through social, teacher, and cognitive interactions. We address what to do with a course that is already up and running, where you have less latitude to make big structural or syllabus changes, though these suggestions can also be built into the course from the beginning.

  1. Planning Effective Instructional Videos:

In this session, we focus on the creation of instructional videos (not check-in or feedback videos).  Join us as we consider situations when a video is a good way to share content (and when it’s not!). Learn to apply principles of visual design to educational video planning and storyboarding. 

  1. Stop Making More Content!: 

Do you find that you don't have enough time to create all new lectures and other content for your course? This workshop will identify straightforward ways to reduce course content production and limit student "content shock" while still meeting the requirements of the course.

  1. Online Course Readiness in 5 Simple Steps: 

It’s the start of another semester and you’re pressed for time. Don’t stress; prioritize!

This session will focus on five actions to complete in your OWL course site to get you ready to teach online this semester, including templates, FAQs, intro videos and more.

Want to hit the ground running? We’ve got five easy ways to get there.

  1. Start of Semester OWL Checklist:

As you prepare for a new semester, it’s time to set up your OWL site to support and transform your students' classroom experience. CTL and WTS will provide helpful tips and participants will have the opportunity to share their own strategies from the last year and a half.

  1. Q&A with eLearning Specialists from CTL and WTS:

CTL eLearning Specialists and eLearning Technology Specialists from WTS offer drop-in Q&A sessions at the beginning and end of the semester. For questions and support in the interim, please contact elearning-support@uwo.ca

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