Instructor Tutorials

Here you can find curated lists of video tutorials and other Western resources:

OWL Basics

Recording Lectures

Many instructors have been asking for recommendations for simple ways to record their lectures. The options here are listed from easiest to more complex.

Option 1: Record in PowerPoint

Option 2: Record in Zoom

Option 3: Record in Collaborate

Option 4: Recording your screen on a Mac

Option 5: Creating a VoiceThread Lecture

Sharing Lectures

Many instructors find that uploading their videos to YouTube is an easy way to share content with students. YouTube videos can be embedded in OWL lessons pages.

Creating Lessons or Learning Modules

Organizing and Adding Content

Communicating with Students

Administering, Collecting and Grading Assignments

Online Office Hours or Drop-ins

We do not recommend live classes, so zoom sessions should be reserved for online office hours or drop-in help. See the videos below to help you prepare for your online office hours or drop-in session.

Online Group Work

  • Group Work Online Part 1 – Learning Activities (11 minutes)  In Part 1, you will learn how to make groups (or view text instructions), apply groups to forums, make sub-pages visible to different groups, and introduces you to the idea of using VoiceThread for small classes.
  • Group Work Online Part 2 – Assessments (9 minutes) In Part 2, you will learn to add a group assignment (or view text instructions), add student pages, and get some advice for adjusting your assessments.
  • The Forums Tool (15 minutes) - Western University Education. In this video, Devan Vanden Boomen walks you through features of the Forums Tool.