Student Assessment

As we rapidly move courses online, there is a need for ways to assess students that takes into account the restraints of the digital world. This Student Assessment section covers the following topics:

Plan for Success

As you consider tools such as OWL or others, this page offers you some considerations to help you plan for successful student assessments (Read More about Plans for Success)

Digital Assessment Formats

A variety of formats are available for submitting assessments digitally. This page prompts you to consider how your assessments can be submitted in common formats, and how to communicate to students which file formats they should use to submit. (Read More about Digital Assessment Formats)

Online & Alternative Assessment Ideas

This page covers assessments that could provide an alternative to your face-to-face final exam. When selecting an alternative assessment, consider if it allows students to demonstrate the core learning outcomes of your course. (Read More about Alternative Assessment Ideas)

Accessible Assessments

Accessible Education has provided best practices for making final assessments accessible for students with disabilities. (Read More about Accessible Assessments)

Grading & Feedback in OWL

Learn strategies for grading fairly, providing feedback, and grading efficiently.
(Read More about Grading & Feedback in OWL

Preparing for Online Exams

This page provides a collection of resources for both faculty and students created by Western U offices for preparing for online exams. (Read More about Preparing for Online Exams)