Interviewing for Teaching-Centered Positions


Interviewing for Teaching-Centered Positions is a 6-hour blended synchronous and asynchronous program that prepares participants to confidently interview for positions with a significant teaching component, within and outside academia. The asynchronous modules support participants in navigating cultural differences during the recruitment and interview process, offer strategies for uncovering expectations for non-verbal behavior during interviews, and present tips for articulating one’s strengths during interviews. The synchronous meetings (structured as mock interviews) provide participants with an opportunity to practice responding to common interview questions and to receive feedback from their peers.


By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • identify and prepare for cultural differences in the recruitment process;
  • confidently use verbal and non-behaviours to highlight personal strengths and accomplishments;
  • respond to common interview questions with ease and confidence.

What to expect

Please note: All times are in EDT

Participants should expect to devote at least 6 hours to this program: at least 3 hours for the asynchronous component and at least 3 hours for the synchronous mock interviews.

Synchronous mock interview practice is a mandatory component of this program. Participants must sign up for two synchronous mock interviews: one on Day 1 and one on Day 2. The offered times and dates are as follows:

Session 1 Mock Interviews:

  • Day 1: April 5, 9am-10am; April 5, 4pm-5pm; April 6, 9am-10am; April 6, 4pm-5pm
  • Day 2: April 7, 9am-11am; April 7, 4pm-6pm; April 8, 9am-11am; April 8, 4pm-6pm

Session 2 Mock Interviews:

  • Day 1: April 17: 9am-10am; 10:15am-11:15am; 11:30pm-12:30pm;
  • Day 2: April 18: 9am-11am; 11:15am-1:15pm; 1:30pm-3:30pm

Program Information

Upcoming Sessions

No upcoming sessions are scheduled at present.


International and new resident graduate students, international postdoctoral scholars


Registration Instructions

  1. Login to Western Connect using your Western username and password.
  2. Go to the Centre for Teaching and Learning section. Select Event Calendar and select the event you wish to register in. Details and a description of the program will appear.
  3. Select the Register for this Event button. If the event has reached capacity, you may have the option to register on the waitlist.
  4. You will receive an automated confirmation email to your Western email account. 

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Typically offered each year in December, April, and July.

Prerequisites / Recommended Preparation


Completion Requirements

To complete the program, students must complete all asynchronous tasks and participate in two synchronous mock-interview sessions.

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“Some skills that I learned in this workshop: 1) listening to the hidden question being, 2) breaking down the question to answer more deeply, and 3) gaining competence handling challenging questions and how to redirect the answer to show my strengths.”

“The practice interviews are very effective, in the sense, that it provides a rare opportunity for us to study the verbal and non-verbal aspects of the interviewee and the interviewer. The workshop effectively targets specific interview language which I find extremely useful. I've learned ways to articulate my examples to attract the interviewer's attention while not sounding too aggressive or hostile.”