Lisa Aikman

Educational Developer, TA Programs



PhD (University of Toronto)
MA (University of Toronto)
BA (York University)

Dr. Lisa Aikman is an Educational Developer with a background in theatre and performance studies.

At the CTL, she is responsible for creating, facilitating, and evaluating programming aimed at enhancing the teaching skills and practice of Teaching Assistants.

Her educational development interests include integrating intersectional approaches to EDI into all levels of educator training/development, exploring role-play and play-based learning across disciplines, and examining how performance and improvisational training can inform teaching presence.

Selected Publication

Aikman, L. (2018) “Freedom Singer: Modeling Performative Witnessing in Documentary Theatre.” Theatre Topics, 20(4), 15-26.

Selected Presentations

Aikman, L. (2019, November 25) “And what if we don’t want them to argue? The challenges of relational audience engagement” Centre for Spectatorship and Audience Research, December 2019, University of Toronto Scarborough, invited lecture.

Aikman, L. & Roberts-Smith, J (2019, November 9). Theatre for Relationality: A Case Study in Restorative Pedagogy, Relational Design, and Audience Engagement. Working group presentation at American Society for Theatre Research, Arlington, VA.

Aikman, L. (2019, June 4). Beyond Preaching to the Converted: Casting the Audience in Documentary Theatre. Paper session presented at the Canadian Association for Theatre Research Conference, Vancouver, BC.