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Western Guide to Mentoring Graduate Students Across Cultures

The Western Guide to Mentoring Graduate Students Across Cultures is a handbook for graduate supervisors who work with students from cultures around the world. The guide addresses the most frequently occurring challenges in supervision across cultures and includes concrete mentoring strategies and case studies to help supervisors promote independence and initiative in their mentees, bridge power differences in the relationship, set boundaries, communicate effectively and support their students in the transition to Canadian academia.

Western Guide to Graduate Supervision

Based on the experiences of Western's graduate supervisors, this guide addresses the supervision of graduate students and focuses on best practices in mentoring, promoting student progress and clarifying expectations in the supervisor-student relationship.

Supervision Conversations Series

Join us to discuss the challenges of supervising graduate students and explore opportunities for mentoring young scholars of your discipline.  "Supervision Conversations" is an informal lunch series: participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share supervision strategies during each session and will receive resources related to the theme of the month. Contact for more information about this series.

SGPS Graduate Supervision Handbook

The Graduate Supervision Handbook will help you get the most out of the supervisor-graduate student relationship at Western. It provides in-depth advice on roles and responsibilities, communications, learning styles, time management, and many other issues.

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