Accessibility Boosts

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is committed to supporting the design of inclusive learning environments. One of the first steps to inclusion is removing or reducing barriers to participation by ensuring that environments and materials are accessible. We hope to help provide instructors with the knowledge and skills to create more accessible learning environments by offering a series of workshops and resources each focused on a specific accessibility practice that can be implemented in your course and materials design and teaching.

Each workshop session in the series is 30-minutes and will follow roughly the same schedule:

  • 10 minutes: Presentation on the topic with demonstrations as applicable
  • 10 minutes: Practise or apply the concept through activities
  • 10 minutes: Questions, clarification, and discussion

Upcoming Accessibility Boosts


This session will focus specifically on accessible slide design. We will discuss organisation of content, the use of colours, images, and other visuals, headings, text density, and other important considerations when creating accessible slides. We will also briefly review the accessibility features offered by Microsoft PowerPoint.

Quick Guide to Accessible PowerPoints (coming soon!) 


This session will focus on the structure and design of documents, specifically Word and PDF documents. We will discuss the use of headers, link text, and other accessibility practices that can be applied to the creation of documents.

Quick Guide to Accessible Documents (coming soon!) 


This session will discuss some of the approaches to captioning and transcribing and provide an opportunity to look at different tools to support captioning on common video platforms. We will discuss workflows to help make captioning more effective and efficient.

Quick Guide to Captioning & Transcribing (coming soon!) 


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