Curriculum Innovation and Review

The curriculum specialists at the Centre for Teaching and Learning assist curriculum review and renewal processes that are faculty-driven, student-focused, collaborative, evidence-based and meaningful to the needs of the department.

We provide consults and support on a variety of topics including:

  • initial stages of program planning
  • articulating program learning outcomes
  • strategies for gathering evidence of student achievement
  • preparing departmental teams for curriculum review
  • design of both face-to-face and online courses
  • development of new online or blended programs
  • relevant examples of curriculum materials (e.g., outcomes, rubrics, curriculum maps, etc.); and
  • curriculum renewal and innovation

Stages of Continuous Curriculum Improvement

In the table below, the stages of continuous curriculum improvement are listed with Western-specific resources designed to introduce and guide an inquiry-based approach to curriculum review.

Curriculum Planning Curriculum Review IQAP Curriculum Improvement


Meet the CTL Curriculum Team

Our Role

We provide consultation and resources throughout the curriculum review and renewal process. The team brings significant experience with curriculum development and teaching from multiple higher education institutions. We offer consultative leadership through facilitation, provide concrete resources and examples, and recommend tools and strategies grounded in research on teaching and learning in higher education. We work collaboratively with curriculum committees and faculty members to improve the quality of both graduate and undergraduate programs at Western.

Centre for Teaching and Learning Curriculum Specialists

The curriculum support team has extensive experience supporting curricular processes at Western University and other post-secondary institutions in Ontario. We have facilitated dozens of curriculum workshops for both graduate and undergraduate programs in all of Western’s Faculties and affiliates, lead the Preparing for Curriculum Review and Course Design workshops each year, and have shared our expertise province-wide at the COU Learning Outcomes Assessment Conferences. Members sit on both graduate and undergraduate subcommittees on program review (SUPR-U and SUPR-G). Our current team members include:

Contact and Response Guidelines

For questions and queries related to curriculum processes, please contact us at:

The guidelines provided here are our ideal timelines to individual curriculum requests. Our ability to accommodate requests within this timeframe may be impacted by the time of year. Our ability to accommodate requests for meetings is limited in August, early September and in May, due to the high volume of new faculty and TA programs during these months.

Email response to
  • 2-5 days
Providing feedback on: draft learning outcomes; data collection plans; retreat plans
  • 1-2 weeks
Individual consultations: curriculum mapping; new program development
  • 1-2 weeks
Retreat planning and requests for facilitation
  • 2-3 months