Continuous Curriculum Improvement

What are the next steps after IQAP? As described in the 8-year curriculum review timeline, continuous curriculum improvement takes place in the years between the end of the current IQAP review cycle and embarking in preparation for the next cycle (years 4-8). To support the on-going enhancement and improvement of your program's curriculum, consider collecting and interpreting curriculum data between program review cycles.

Find opportunities to engage with fellow faculty in conversations about the curriculum. The scope of change often requires ongoing conversation to:

  • implement reviewer recommendations
  • assess the impact of the changes
  • support ongoing evaluation.

Activities you can consider as a part of continuous curriculum improvement include:

  • revisiting program learning outcomes
  • evaluating strengths of the program
  • exploring alignment between program outcomes and assessments
  • mapping course-level learning outcomes to program-level outcomes
  • considering high-impact practices
  • collecting student data
    • ongoing survey data collection from students
    • occasional survey collection from students X years after graduation (consider compiling non-UWO email contact lists).



If you would like to discuss this topic further, please contact a member of the CTL curriculum team.