Overview of CTL Programs



List of all programs, courses, and workshop series offered by the CTL for the Western University community.

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Recommended Programs and Resources by Role

New Faculty

Early career full- and part-time instructors are encouraged to attend the following programs:

Our list of Resources for Part-time (Sessional Instructors) will be useful for all instructors new to Western.


Part-time Instructors

Departments and Faculties

The CTL offers curriculum workshops, eLearning support, and consultations for departments and faculties. The following programs and resources may be of particular interest:

Librarians and Archivists

Librarians and archivists are welcome to attend all CTL programs for instructors. Programs that librarians and archivists will find particularly useful include:

New Teaching Assistants and Grad Students

Graduate students who are new to teaching are encouraged to attend:   

Teaching Assistants & Grad Students

Graduate students with prior teaching experience may be interested in the following:

International & New Resident Grad Students

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are new to Canada are encouraged to attend the following programs:

Postdoctoral Scholars

CTL programs are open to postdoctoral scholars at Western, with the exception of SGPS 9500, our graduate course on university teaching. In limited enrollment programs such as the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) and Advanced Teaching Practice (ATP), priority will be given to postdocs who are currently teaching a course at Western. 

International Postdocs