Communication in the Canadian Classroom (CCC)


Communication in the Canadian Classroom (CCC) is a 3-week, 15-hour certificate program designed for international and new resident graduate students and postdocs to improve their communication skills within Canadian higher education. You will explore topics such as intercultural communication theories, the language of critical discussions and presentations, communication strategies with supervisors and peers, and navigating difficult conversations. The program also provides you with an opportunity to design and facilitate communication activities, and receive constructive feedback from peers in a supportive atmosphere.


  • Intercultural communication theories
  • Considerations for English as a second language learners
  • Communicating online and in person with instructors, supervisors, and peers
  • Giving and receiving meaningful feedback
  • Strategies for participating with confidence in critical discussions
  • The language of presentations


By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Build upon intercultural communication theories to practice effective communication in the Canadian classroom.
  • Enhance understanding of the role of culture within the norms and values of Canadian education.
  • Develop confidence in the language of critical discussions and lesson presentation.
  • Employ strategies for successful communication with instructors, peers, and supervisors.
  • Formulate effective and culture-informed feedback to students and peers.
  • Identify the appropriate communication channels to use within Western University.
  • Build a community with fellow international and new resident students.

What to expect

Students should expect to devote approximately 15 hours to this program over three weeks, consisting of 12 in-person hours (2 hours, twice per week) and 3 hours of asynchronous work. Completion of all tasks are required to receive the Communication in the Canadian Classroom (CCC) certificate.

Program Information

Upcoming Sessions

October 16th to November 1st (Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30pm-6:30pm) - Registration is Closed
The next offering will be in Winter 2024.


International and new resident graduate students, international postdoctoral scholars


Registration Instructions

Please note: The next offering will be in Winter 2024. Registration will be available for current (must be registered in the term indicated on the "Offer of Admission") international graduate students, new resident students, and postdoctoral scholars only.

  1. Login to Western Connect using your Western username and password. 
  2. Go to the Event Calendars section and select the Centre for Teaching and Learning calendar.
  3. Select ONE session you would like to attend from the calendar. Details and a description will appear.
  4. Select the Register on Waiting List button. You will receive an automated waitlist confirmation email to your Western email account.
  5. To complete your registration to be considered for enrolment, complete the registration form found in your automated waitlist confirmation email. If we do not receive a completed registration form, you will not be considered for enrolment. Registration for this program closes on Monday, October 16th by 8:00am..

Due to limited enrolment, we are not able to accept everyone who registers on the Wait List. Reminder, registration is on a first come first serve basis upon receipt of your completed registration form. When all the program spots are full, we will notify you and keep you on the waitlist. If a spot becomes available, we will register a participant from the Wait List. If a spot does not become available for you, we encourage you to register for the next offering of CCC.

If there is a spot for you in the program, you will receive a registration confirmation email to your Western email account after we receive your deposit, which means you are officially registered in the program. If you have any questions or problems registering for an event, please consult our help guide or contact

Prerequisites / Recommended Preparation


Completion Requirements

To complete the program, students must attend all in-person classes and complete all asynchronous tasks.


Typically offered three times per year.

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“The course was well structured, integrated plenty of resources, tasks and guidelines, and very interactive. I think, the course has all the components that you need be aware of to get into the Western Community.”

“Learning about the intercultural classroom was effective because we observed, discussed and analyzed the impacts of different communication approaches in an almost real scenario. It made me realize that there are different people in the classroom with different values and cultures which I must learn to respect..”

“Everything was very organized, and the details of each module are useful. I like the discussion part in every module that I could really think and talk about the content.”