Assessing Student Learning

Academic Integrity

Resources for instructors in promoting academic integrity and dealing with academic misconduct.

Assessing Teamwork


Ideas for effectively assessing team-based orojects and group work in your course.

Grading Strategies

Ideas and techniques for instructors on grading efficiently and consistently.

Grading with Rubrics

Describes benefits of rubrics for assessing student work and offers tips for designing them.

Multiple-Choice Questions

Scantron SheetGuidelines for instructors on developing good multiple choice assessments.

See also:

Assessment Series - includes two to four workshops a year that address a range of assessment topics,such as: designing effective rubrics, writing multiple-choice questions to assess higher order thinking, designing effective essay questions, item analysis for multiple-choice questions, and assessing learning online.

Assessment Strategies - this online module will help you increase your understanding of the importance of assessment in the process of student learning and motivation.