Meet the Team

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Aisha Haque

Aisha Haque

Director (on leave)

Research Interests: international education, intercultural teaching competence, anti-racist and decolonial pedagogies, TA development

Contact about: anti-racist and decolonial pedagogies and course design, teaching international students, mentoring new faculty, teaching awards, educational leadership
Melanie-Ann Atkins

Melanie-Anne Atkins

Acting Director

Research Interests: engaging students with traditionally marginalized identities in the academy, mental health literacy, holistic graduate student development, peer mentorship and education, anti-oppressive practices in education; co-designing experiential learning and assessment opportunities with students

Contact about: graduate supervision, peer mentorship, students as partners in teaching and learning, mentally healthy classrooms, supporting students living with mental illness
Stephanie Horsley

Stephanie Horsley

Associate Director, eLearning

Research Interests: technology-mediated learning, personal learning networks, student-centred education, critical pedagogy, SoTL, educational policy, social media and music learning

Contact about: online and digital learning, blended learning, curriculum development and continuous improvement, IQAP, UDL, qualitative SoTL research

Christina Booker

Lisa Aikman

Acting Associate Director, TA Programs

Research Interests: TA development, play-based learning, universal design for learning, experiential learning, teaching in the performing arts

Contact about: TA training and programs, graduate student teaching dossiers, teaching in the humanities
Sanja Ivanov

Sarah Awadh

Educational Developer, ITA Programs

Research Interests: intercultural classroom communication and management, learner centered teaching, language learner identity, language teacher education, multidisciplinary learner engagement, classroom equity, diversity and inclusion.

Contact about: intercultural classroom communication and management, engaging international learners, alternative course design and assessment methods

Muneer Ul-Huda

eLearning and Curriculum Specialist

Research Interests: instructional design, blended learning curriculum design, LMS administration and analytics

Contact about: synchronous online teaching, course design, blended learning activities
Beth Hundey

Beth Hundey

eLearning and Curriculum Specialist (on secondment)

Research Interests: science communication training, curriculum mapping, blended curriculum design, teaching in natural sciences and geography

Contact about: curriculum mapping, online teaching, collaborative learning
Sanja Ivanov

Sanja Ivanov

Educational Developer, ITA Programs (on leave)

Research Interests: intercultural communication in the classroom, interdisciplinary teaching and learning, family-friendly higher education, community-engaged teaching.

Contact about: intercultural teaching competence, course design, teaching international (graduate) students, internationalizing the curriculum.
Ken Meadows

Ken Meadows

Educational Developer, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning & Faculty Programs

Research Interests: scholarship of educational development, teaching culture, positive faculty and student development

Contact about: research on teaching and learning, assessment, faculty development

Lisa Ouellette

Program Coordinator

Contact about: finance, human resources, administrative operations, faculty programs

Chris Ryan

eLearning and Curriculum Specialist

Research Interests: online, blended and HyFlex curriculum design, resource production, student inclusion

Contact about: synchronous/asynchronous online teaching, course design, active learning activities and assessment strategies
Karen Simmavong

Karen Simmavong

Program Coordinator

Contact about: general inquiries, registrations and deposits, certificates, TA programs

Affiliated Scholars

Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell

Curriculum Librarian, Western Libraries
Curriculum Specialist, CTL

Research Interests:  teacher identity, scholarship of teaching and learning, feminist pedagogy, curriculum decolonization, library instruction and information literacy

Contact about: Curriculum development and continuous improvement, IQAP, curriculum decolonization, scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and literature searching
Debra Dawson

Debra Dawson

Director Emeritus

Research Interests: scholarship of educational development, post-secondary teaching cultures, and best practices in university education

Contact about: STLHE 3M National Teaching Fellowship