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Generative AI Modules for Instructors

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has developed four self-paced learning modules to address the complexity of Generative AI in an accessible and practical way, providing both fundamental information and actionable ideas on how to approach Generative AI in your teaching and course policies.

The modules, which can be accessed in OWL, are designed to allow you to choose the topics that most interest you. It is not necessary to move through them in a specific order, though we recommend starting with Module 1 if you still have a lot of questions about what Generative AI is or how it works.

Module 1: Introduction to Generative AI

This module provides a basic overview of what Generative AI is, how it works, and the common applications of generative AI. It goes into specifics on Large Language Models (like ChatGPT), image generators, and the applications of Generative AI for coding.

Module 2: Academic Integrity and Ethics of Generative AI

This module discusses the concept of Academic Integrity in depth and invites you to reconsider what Academic Integrity means in relation to generative AI through a values-based approach. The second section in this module introduces key ethical considerations around the development and use of generative AI. This section also reviews practical case studies to reflect on some potential ethical situations you may encounter.

Module 3: Generative AI and Designing Activities and Assessments (New)

This module provides guidance on how to redesign learning activities and assessments with deliberate consideration of the impact of generative AI on learning. We will discuss assessment practices, including authentic assessment and scaffolding, that can help you design activities and assessments that either intentionally incorporate generative AI tools to support learning or discourage their use when it is not appropriate to use them.

Module 4: Setting Course Policies for Generative AI Use (New)

This module guides you through various considerations for how to determine acceptable use of AI in your courses and assessments. It will review key information from earlier modules. This module will also provide guidelines on how to write a Course Syllabus Statement for the acceptable use of generative AI in a way that promotes a culture of academic integrity.

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The Centre for Teaching and Learning recognizes that generative AI is a rapidly evolving field that will likely have a significant impact on educational practices. We will continue to develop resources and offer programming to ensure that our community of educators are equipped with the knowledge and skills to approach generative AI in an informed and ethical way.


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