TA Programs at the CTL

All current Western graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are welcome to our programming, whether you are currently a Teaching Assistant (TA) or planning for a future in teaching.​


We empower you to create transformational learning experiences.

Through two approaches:

Inclusive pedagogy

What do you mean by inclusive pedagogy?

All students (and their instructors!) do better in equitable classrooms.

“Inclusive pedagogy is a method of teaching in which instructors and classmates work together to create a supportive environment that gives each student equal access to learning. In these courses, the content takes into account the range of perspectives in the class, and is delivered in a way that strives to overcome barriers to access that students might have. Inclusive classrooms work to ensure that both teacher and student participation promote thoughtfulness and mutual respect."
– Georgetown University Teaching Commons

Students as partners in teaching and learning

What do you mean by students as partners in teaching and learning?

Students (you!) and staff (us!) work together to create knowledge, design curriculum, and learn from each other.

Our goal is to empower graduate students to use what they learn in our programs to become change agents in their spheres of influence, or “collaborative partners in pedagogic knowledge acquisition and professional development, with the purpose of bringing about change” (Healey et al, 2014, p. 46).

Over the last 5 years, Western graduate students have partnered with us to developed programs and resources for programming such as, the TA eLearning Series, Future Prof SeriesSpring Perspectives on Teaching Conference, Own Your Future: May Conference on Teaching, and TA Day: Graduate Student Conference on Teaching.

Do you have an idea for a resource or workshop that would benefit TAs? Does your research or your personal experience offer a fresh perspective on teaching in higher education? We want to hear from you! If you are interested in partnering with the CTL to develop the teaching skills of graduate students at Western, email us at ctl@uwo.ca

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As valuable members of the university teaching team, Teaching Assistants (TAs) have complex roles supporting teaching excellence at Western. Whether you are a marking TA, holding office hours, running a lab or tutorial, are in charge of facilitating discussions or giving lectures, you hold an important and unique position as both a student and teacher. This page is designed to provide resources to empower you and your professional development at Western and beyond!

You don't have to TA to attend our programming. If you are an enrolled graduate student or current postdoctoral scholar at Western University, you are eligible to participate!

Please note: Most of our programming occurs during the Academic Year (September to April).