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Welcome to TA Programs with the Western Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)! We are here to support the quality of teaching by graduate students and postdoctoral scholars at Western and to prepare you for your TAship and future faculty or professional career. The pedagogical skills gained while completing our programming during your studies will not only benefit you now, but beyond Western as you pursue your future career in academia or other non-academic fields. We offer a range of face-to-face, blended, and online programs to gain valuable insight into teaching and career-strategies. We are committed to providing an equitable, inclusive, and accessible environment.

We hope to meet you soon at our TA Programs!

Learn More About Each TA Programs Team Member:

Lisa Aikman, Associate Director (Teaching Development)

Lisa Aikman

Lisa Aikman (she/her) is the CTL's Associate Director for Teaching Development, an occasional theatre/audience researcher and frequent murder-mystery reader who loves working with early career educators. Her role at the center is focused on supporting graduate students and postdocs to thrive as teaching assistants and course instructors in diverse classrooms while empowering them to pursue transformative teaching post-graduation. She strongly believes that “good teaching” requires inclusive pedagogy and, as such, is especially keen to talk about Universal Design for Learning and authentic and alternative assessments. You can contact Lisa to consult on teaching dossiers, student-centered syllabus design, and classroom management strategies.

Menahal Latif, Educational Developer (TA Programs)

Menahal Latif

Menahal Latif (she/her) is an educational developer at Western University and a Ph.D. candidate in Psychology at Toronto Metropolitan University. Her role at the centre is focused on facilitating, coordinating, and evaluating programs that enhance the teaching skills of graduate students and post-docs. She promotes inclusive teaching practices and graduate student development. You can contact Menahal to consult on student professional development, TA programs, and teaching dossiers.

Nassisse Solomon, Educational Developer (International TA Programs)


Nassisse Solomon (she/her) is an Educational Developer on the International TA portfolio at Western’s Center for Teaching and Learning. Founded on anti-racism and anti-oppression principles, both her research and teaching aim to diversify representations and facilitate spaces of belonging for all learners. Her background is in History, with a specialization in Migration and Ethnic Relations from Western, a lens that continues to inform her approaches to both teaching and learning, and her research collaborations across campus. Nassisse’s role at the CTL is focused on supporting international graduate students and postdocs to thrive as teaching assistants and course instructors in diverse classrooms. You can contact Nassisse to consult on effective teaching and communication strategies in the Canadian classroom (classroom management strategies), creating culturally inclusive learning spaces (EDI-D centred learning) and effective conflict resolution strategies.

Karyn Vanden Boomen, Program Coordinator (TA Programs)

Karyn Vanden Boomen

Karyn Vanden Boomen's role at the CTL is focused on supporting our Teaching Assistant programs with expertise in our certificates programs, social media, website, and everything in between. If you have questions about the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning, Karyn is a good place to start!

Teaching Assistant Training Program (TATP) Instructors (2023-2024)

TATP Instructors 2023-24

Meet your TATP Instructors for 2023-2024!
Lucas Riboli Besen (Health Information Science)
Asad Choudhary (Education)
Glen D’Souza (Chemical & Biochemical Engineering)
Mark Haarman (English)
Madelyn Hertz (Anthropology)
Keren Kankam (Health & Rehab Sciences)
Arameh Khadjevand (Hispanic Studies)
Hannah Litchfield (Health & Rehab Sciences)
Gabriela Martinez Loyola (Hispanic Studies)


From left to right: Arameh Khadjevand, Gabriela Martinez Loyola, Asad Choudhary, Kate Barnes, Mark Haarman, Hannah Litchfield, Lisa Aikman, Lucas Riboli Besen, Glen D’Souza, Keren Kankam, Madelyn Hertz

Located in the Arts and Humanities Building, Room 3R34 - Our team is here to support you on your teaching journey at Western! Innovate. Shape. Inspire.