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Western offers a variety of services for faculty, regardless of their teaching modality.


Fall Training/Orientation

Getting the Most out of your OWL site (online): As you prepare for a new semester, it’s time to set up your OWL site to support and transform your students' face-to-face classroom experience. CTL and WTS will provide helpful tips, and participants will have the opportunity to share their own strategies.

  • August 25, 11am - 12pm (registration closed)

PuP: The Power of Powerpoint (online): There’s an art to the creation of a great slide deck. Join us as we consider situations when slides are a good way to share content (and when they’re not!). Learn to apply principles of visual design to slide deck planning and storyboarding.

  • August 29, 10am - 11am (registration closed)

Course Development Mini-Retreat (For F-2-F & Online Courses) (online): You know what you need to do, but where does the time go?  Join us for some dedicated course development working time.  The concept is simple – briefly share your goals for the afternoon with a small number of colleagues in Zoom before setting off to work on your own.  CTL eLearning Specialists will be present for questions and to connect you to resources as needed. At the end of the session, participants will share their progress and next steps.

  • August 29, 1pm - 4pm (registration closed)

Using iClicker to Engage Students (face-to-face session): Clickers allow students in the face-to-face classroom to answer electronically-polled questions in real time. This session will describe how to use a variety of iClicker question types to engage students, foster discussion, and gather feedback on how well students grasp course content before formal assessment in all types classes.

  • August 30, 10am - 11am (registration closed)

Getting the Most out of your OWL Site (online): As you prepare for a new semester, it’s time to set up your OWL site to support and transform your students' face-to-face classroom experience. CTL and WTS will provide helpful tips and participants will have the opportunity to share their own strategies from the last year and a half.

  • August 30, 11am - 12pm (registration closed)

Defining and Assessing Student Participation in Small Classes (online): How do you measure student participation in class? Do you struggle to justify participation grades to students? This session will explore different methods to define and assess student participation in small classes, including appropriate ways to communicate expectations to students.

  • August 30, 2:30pm - 3:30pm (registration closed)

Gradebook Tips (online): Gradebook is used to calculate and store grade information, as well as distribute grades to individual students online. But how can you get the most out of this tool? Register for this session for tips on using Gradebook, as well as ask your questions before it’s time to submit final grades.

  • September 1, 10:00am - 11:00am (registration closed)

PuP: Creating Robust Discussion Forums (online): Participants will explore the best times to use discussion forums in their courses, practice constructing a strong prompt to facilitate deep meaningful discussions, and the implementation of key tactics for overcoming common challenges associated with discussion forums.

  • September 1, 2:00pm - 3:00pm (registration closed)

For questions and support, please contact elearning-support@uwo.ca

eLearning Drop-in Q&As

CTL eLearning Specialists and eLearning Technology Specialists from WTS offer drop-in Q&A sessions. Have a question about teaching in the online or blended format?

Register for an upcoming eLearning Q&A Drop-in:

  • Stay tuned for upcoming session dates!

For questions and support in the interim, please contact elearning-support@uwo.ca

Rapid Course Consultations

Book now! We continue to accept requests for Rapid Course Consultations and are generally booked for two weeks after you submit a request.

Have you taught or are currently teaching an online asynchronous or blended course? Do you heavily rely on your OWL site to help coordinate or communicate about your face-to-face course? And are you curious about how you might make smaller changes to your course for maximum learner impact?

Consider meeting with an Instructional Designer from the Centre for Teaching and Learning for a Rapid Course Consultation. Let us know one or two elements of your course that you’d like to talk about and, over the course of a one-hour meeting, we’ll help you create a plan for those areas in the current or next iteration of your course.

Learn more and request a Rapid Course Consultation here.

Asynchronous Online Learning Modules for Online Course Development

Online Course Design:

The Online Course Design section provides a series of resources that moves beyond using OWL tools to focus on key considerations, techniques, and approaches for online teaching and learning.

Six pathways for online course design are covered, including:

Open Instructional Skills Workshop Online:

Due to popular demand we have launched a compressed, self-guided version of our Instructional Skills Workshop Online called Open ISW-O.

Join the site and complete the lessons at your own pace. Lessons include Building Community, Building Lessons, and Putting Theory into Practice.

  • Log into OWL using the course link: Open ISW-O-Joinable
  • After login, click "Yes, please add me" to join the site

ABC Online Course Design Workshop:

The ABC Online Course Design Workshop will help you with rapid online course development. This workshop is suitable for instructors looking to shift an in-person course to online. Leave the workshop with a course storyboard and plans for next steps.

There are two parts: Part 1: Pre-workshop Activities and Part 2: Independent Story Boarding

Asynchronous Online Module: Academic Integrity Tutorial

Faculty are invited to direct students to complete the 90-minute tutorial in OWL.

The tutorial is designed to increase students' understanding of the key principles of academic integrity and provide strategies to help students avoid academic offences in common scenarios. We suggest it be used in combination with discipline-specific academic integrity learning opportunities. Students who successfully complete this tutorial will earn a certificate.

To include the Academic Integrity Tutorial in your course, share this link to the Academic Integrity Tutorial OWL site with your students.

Teaching Assistants

Asynchronous TA Training Modules: TA eLearning Series

TA eLearning Series

The Asynchronous TA Training Modules were designed by the CTL specifically to equip new and experiences Teaching assistants with strategies for being effective TA in blended and online classrooms. All registered participants will gain access to 9 asynchronous modules, which cover a range of topics from grading to building community. Each module will take one hour to complete. Registrants will have one month to access and complete the modules that interest them.

Registering for the Asynchronous TA Training Modules allow Teaching Assistants access to the following modules to help prepare them for their role:

  • Humanizing Your Virtual Classroom
  • Grading Using OWL
  • Facilitating Discussions Online
  • Explaining Difficult Concepts in Science
  • Fostering Respectful and Inclusive Online Environments
  • Digital Classroom Management Strategies
  • Preparing Students for Online Learning
  • Accessible Online Learning
  • Decolonizing Your Online Classroom

Learn more about the TA eLearning Series and how to register during the academic year (Sept.-Apr.) here.

TA Day Asynchronous Sessions

Students who register for TA Day: Graduate Student Conference on Teaching will also gain access to 6 eLearning modules hosted in the TA Day OWL site:

  • Inclusive Pedagogy: What TAs need to know
  • Mental Health 101: Supporting student wellness
  • Preparing to Grade
  • Teaching Your Students to Write Better
  • 10 Techniques to Explain Difficult Concepts in Science
  • Time Management for TAs

Learn more about TA Day: Graduate Student Conference on Teaching here.

Finding Help

This site has been reorganized, Where can I find ...

This site has recently been reorganized. If you are looking for the Instructor Tutorials, Student Tutorials, or Webinars that were previously available on this site, please see the following YouTube video playlists:

Where should instructors go for help?

Where should students go for help?

  1. Student Experience has a developed a set of resources to help students transition to remote learning. Please visit their website.