Winter 2020 Supports for Rapidly Moving Your Course Online


Starting Wednesday, March 18 and for the remainder of the term, Western will be moving its classes online. Western is offering a variety of options to help faculty and teaching assistants as they move their courses rapidly online.

Above all, we recommend that instructors:

  • Keep your course site simple.
  • Avoid livestreaming lectures. These are globally shared services that will be experiencing increased demand across institutions and this may result in decreased performance.
  • Focus on sharing pre-created course content (e.g., Documents, pre-recorded lectures PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, weblinks) instead of live content.

Where should instructors go for help?

  1. Workshops and Webinars are available for those who want to attend sessions on using institutionally-supported tools (e.g., OWL, Office 365, Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom) and online teaching approaches.
  2. Virtual and online consultations with Instructional Teaching Resource Centre and Centre for Teaching and Learning staff are available for help moving a course online.
  3. The Helpdesk will answer specific questions about a feature or function in an institutionally-supported tool. Helpdesk hours have been extended.
  4. Western Libraries will continue to support online courses in OWL in a number of ways. More information is available in their March 16, 2020 Post
  5. Our Help Resources - Western has provided a high level overview of stategies and tools for rapidly moving courses online.

Where should students go for help?

  1. Student Experience has a developed a set of resources to help students transition to remote learning. Please visit their website.
  2. Our Help Resources - You can also access our Student video and PDF tutorials for various OWL Tools.

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