Teaching in the Canadian Classroom (TCC)


Teaching in the Canadian Classroom is a 16-hour short course designed for international graduate students who would like to explore cultural differences in the classroom and gain confidence as a teaching assistant in the Canadian academic setting. We will discuss common teaching topics, such as lesson planning, active learning, feedback, and classroom management, through a cross-cultural lens. Participants will gain hands-on experience by practicing instructional techniques in microteaching sessions where they receive constructive feedback from peers and the instructor.


Cultural differences in teaching and learning norms, introduction to Canadian academic norms, active learning, lesson-planning, feedback, classroom management, common language patterns used in instruction.


By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • identify and apply cultural differences in patterns of communication to enhance interactions with students, supervisors, and peers
  • consider the educational backgrounds and expectations of Canadian students
  • design and deliver lessons using the Bridge-Outcomes-Pre-Assessment-Participatory Learning-Post-Assessment-Summary (BOPPPS) model
  • design and deliver active learning strategies that consider students’ diverse communication styles
  • engage in self-reflection on personal teaching strategies and approaches through microteaching exercises.

What to expect

The workshop includes participation in 8 two-hour sessions. The first 4 sessions introduce participants to the topics outlined above. The final 4 sessions consist of microteaching where participants prepare two 10-minute lessons and deliver these lessons to a small group of peers. 

Research on the impact of TCC

Program Information

Upcoming Sessions

No sessions are scheduled at present.


International and new resident graduate students, international postdoctoral scholars


Registration and deposit instructions

  1. Login to Western Connect using your Western username and password. 
  2. Go to the Centre for Teaching and Learning section and select Event Calendar.
  3. Search for and select the program from the calendar. Details and a description will appear.
  4. Select the Register on Waiting List button. You will receive an automated confirmation email to your Western email account.
  5. Submit your $20 deposit (cash or cheque only) to the CTL to complete your registration and secure your spot in the program. The CTL is typically open Monday – Friday, 8:30a.m. – 4:30p.m.
  6. You will receive a registration confirmation email to your Western email account when we receive your deposit, which means you are officially registered in the program.

Due to high demand, spaces in this program are limited. Please bring in your deposit as soon as possible to secure your spot in the session.

If you have any questions or problems registering for an event, please consult our FAQs or contact ctl@uwo.ca.

Prerequisites / Recommended Preparation


Completion Requirements

Participants who complete all components of the workshop will receive a certificate of completion.


Typically offered in October, February, and June.

Applies to following certificates

Western Certificate in Academic and Professional Communication

Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning

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