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Offered twice a year, Perspectives on Teaching is a full-day conference designed to showcase teaching innovations at Western, and introduce instructors to best practices in student-centered instruction which can enhance the student experience. Approximately 300 faculty, graduate student instructors and staff participate in each Perspectives on Teaching conference. The conference program typically includes a keynote address and 6-9 concurrent sessions.

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This event is open to all; however, it is designed with instructors in mind.


  • Fall Perspectives - annually in August
  • Spring Perspectives - annually in May


Applies to following certificates

Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning


"The keynote speaker addressed a topic that is highly relevant to all university educators. He provided a clear definition of critical thinking as well as many very practical examples and suggestions for implementation. I think the key was how practical it was -- I could easily imagine implementing strategies he suggested in my courses, and had several ideas for how to use the information in my courses during the talk.  
(Fall Perspectives, 2017 - Keynote by Garfield Gini-Newman, University of Toronto, on Teaching Critical Thinking)

"I was most captivated by the notion of "method knowledge" vs. "content knowledge" and was challenged to envision how that could be better incorporated in my own teaching. Being a part-time faculty member, I rarely have time to evaluate my 'pedagogy'; it was a great time to reflect, and be spurred into action!"
(Spring Perspectives, 2017 - Dr.Nancy Chick, University of Calgary, on Signature Pedagogies)