Supervising Teaching Assistants​

TA Training Module Catalogue​

Select from our suite of asynchronous TA training modules to build an OWL site for your TAs

Most modules are designed to take 30-60 minutes to complete.

* Denotes module with optional multiple choice quiz that can be assigned as proof of completion at the instructor’s request

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Planning and Facilitating Lessons

Accessible and Inclusive Teaching

Teaching Online

TA Skill Development

  • Facilitating Effective Labs*
  • Facilitating Effective Tutorials*
  • Designing Your Student-Focused Lesson
  • Building Community in Your Classroom
  • Effective Learning Outcomes
  • Active Learning
  • Explaining Difficult Concepts in Science*
  • Facilitating Discussions Online*
  • Digital Classroom Management Strategies*
  • Inclusive Pedagogy: What TAs Need to Know
  • Mental Health 101: Supporting Student Wellness
  • Teaching in the Intercultural Classroom*
  • Accessible Online Learning*
  • Decolonizing Your Online Classroom*
  • Introduction to Grading Using OWL*
  • Preparing Students for Online Learning*
  • Humanizing Your Virtual Classroom*
  • Digital Classroom Management Strategies*
  • Accessible Online Learning*
  • Decolonizing Your Online Classroom*
  • Making the Most of Your Office Hours
  • Preparing to Grade
  • Teaching Your Students to Write Better
  • Time Management for TAs