Course Design for Rapidly Moving Your Course Online


Latest Updates

Western is offering a variety of options to help faculty and teaching assistants as they move courses online.

Now available: The ABC Online Course Design Workshop will help you with rapid online course development. This workshop is suitable for instructors looking to shift an in-person course to online. Leave the workshop with a course storyboard and plans for next steps.

Complete the workshop independently online (Available now!) or in a facilitated zoom session.

New: The Online Course Design section provides a series of resources that moves beyond using OWL tools to focus on key considerations, techniques, and approaches for online teaching and learning.

Six pathways for online course design are covered, including:

Drop in Q&A sessions for some of these pathways are also available for you to ask questions and explore the ideas further after you've viewed the videos.

Newest: Open Instructional Skills Workshop Online - Due to popular demand we have launched a compressed, self-guided version of our Instructional Skills Workshop Online called Open ISWO (click this link to join the OWL site).

Join the site and complete the lessons at your own pace. Lessons include Building Community, Building Lessons, and Putting Theory into Practice.

On This Site

This site features the following sections:

Instructor Recommendations

  • Keep your course site simple.
  • Avoid livestreaming lectures. These are globally shared services that will be experiencing increased demand across institutions and this may result in decreased performance.
  • Focus on sharing pre-created course content (e.g., Documents, pre-recorded lectures PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, weblinks) instead of live content.

Finding Help

This site has been reorganized, Where can I find ...

This site has recently been reorganized. If you are looking for the Instructor Tutorials, Student Tutorials, or Webinars that were previously available on this site, please see the following YouTube video playlists:

Where should instructors go for help?

  • Virtual and online consultations with Instructional Teaching Resource Centre and Centre for Teaching and Learning staff are available for help moving a course online.
  • The Helpdesk will answer specific questions about a feature or function in an institutionally-supported tool. Helpdesk hours have been extended.
  • Western Libraries will continue to support online courses in OWL in a number of ways. More information is available in their March 16, 2020 Post

Where should students go for help?

  1. Student Experience has a developed a set of resources to help students transition to remote learning. Please visit their website.