ABC Online Course Design Workshop

The goal of ABC Online Course Design is student-centred rapid course development. We are recommending this process for instructors looking to shift their course from in-person to online. This process is flexible enough to be used by:

  • Individual instructors
  • Instructor teams
  • Departments or programs

Introducing ABC Online Course Design (ABC Video 1)


  1. A course outline and a set of course learning outcomes.
  2. Access to Trello template for course storyboarding in Part 2.

Workshop Outcomes

  1. Create a storyboard of your current course design.
  2. Adjust your storyboard for an online or blended course design.
  3. Identify the next steps for finishing your storyboard and using it for course development.

How To Access This Workshop

  1. Complete Part 1: Pre-Workshop activities (30 mins)
  2. Complete Part 2: Asynchronous Self-Paced Workshop (2 hours 10 mins)

Workshop Background

The ABC workshop was developed by Clive Young and Nataša Perović at the University College London as a lightweight, streamlined process for designing courses based on sound educational principles. In 2016, Young and Perović modeled open educational practices by assisting a cross-institutional team to adapt their openly licensed materials for Ryerson University's semester layout and available tools.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning at Western University and the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Ryerson University have adapted these materials for the transition to remote and online instruction, and are available for individual and team use at both universities and beyond.

We will encourage you to storyboard your course in broad brush strokes, and leaving the details for after the workshop. In a sense, you are an artist painting the general scene, leaving the fine brush and pen detail work for another time.

The process is intended to be iterative so that once you have your storyboard created, you can adjust it how you like it. This may be different than how you are used to working, but it can be an efficient strategy for creating an initial course design. So, do the best you can to keep from getting "lost in the weeds" and keep at a course-level overview.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.