Stephanie Horsley

Associate Director, eLearning 
519.661.2111 x84612



PhD, Music Education (Western University)
MMus, Music Education (Western University)
B. Ed (Queen’s University)
Hon. B. Mus, Music Education (Western University)

Dr. Stephanie Horsley joined the Centre for Teaching and Learning staff as an eLearning and Curriculum Associate in 2015 and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Don Wright Faculty of Music at Western. She brings over ten years of course development and teaching at the postsecondary level (face-to-face, online, graduate, and undergraduate) to her role.

Stephanie’s work is underpinned by her belief in the importance of student-centred learning, specifically the ways in which technology can be leveraged to connect the classroom to the world outside its walls to foster student motivation and self-directed, lifelong learning. She believes that teaching is a transformational act that impacts both students and instructors.

Stephanie also holds an Adjunct Researcher position with the Don Wright Faculty of Music. Her current research focuses on ways in which social media has impacted teaching and learning in formal and informal contexts. Other research interests include the effects of regional, national, and international policy and economic models on local systems of education;  scholarship of teaching and learning; the efficacy of teacher training programs; and comparative education. Her research has been presented nationally and internationally and in a variety of journals and books.

Selected Publications

Waldron, J., Horsley S., & Veblen, K. (Eds.). (Forthcoming). The Oxford handbook of social media and music education. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Horsley, S., & Waldron, J. (2017). Challenging music education: The transformative potential of social media. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Social Media & Society, article 43.

Horsley, S. (2017). Curriculum as policy: State-level music curriculum creation and reform. In P. Schmidt & R. Colwell (Eds.), Policy and the political life of music education. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Horsley, S. (2015). Facing the music: Pursing social justice through music education in a neoliberal world. In C. Benedict, P. Schmidt, G. Spruce, & P. Woodford (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of social justice in music education, 62-77. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Horsley, S. (2009). The politics of public accountability: Implications for centralized music education policy development and implementation. Arts Education Policy Review, 100(4), 6-12.

Selected Presentations

Schmidt, P., Horsley, S., Younker, B., Bolden, B., & Griffin, S. (2016, July). Music teacher education and policy reform: Quality, employability, or labour crunch? 32nd World Conference of the International Society for Music Education. Glasgow, Scotland.

Horsley, S., & Veblen, K. (2016, July). Stranger in the crowd: Performer learning, mentoring, and fellowship at tribute artist festivals. 32nd World Conference of the International Society for Music Education. Glasgow, Scotland.

Horsley, S., & Johansen, G. (2016, July). Tracking policy trajectories in music education. International Society for Music Education Commission on Policy: Cultural, Education, and Mass Media. Birmingham, England.

Anstey, L., Sadler, J., Watson, G., & Horsley, S. (2016, June). Entry, efficacy, and intent: Continuous improvement of an eLearning toolkit for institutional support. Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference. London, ON.

Horsley, S. (2014, July). Globally convergent accountability policies and the cultural status of state-funded school music programs: A state-level comparison. International Society for Music Education Policy Commission on Music Policy: Cultural, Educational, and Mass Media, 17th International Seminar. Natal, Brazil.

Horsley, S. (2013, April). A comparison of neoliberal education policy and music education reform in England and Ontario, Canada, 1979-2003. The Eighth International Research in Music Education Conference. Exeter, England.

Teaching at Western University

Music 9531: Introduction to Research in Music Education (Online, Graduate)

Music 9582: Special Topics, Music, Society, Education (Online, Graduate)

Music 1800: Introduction to Music Education (Face-to-face, Undergraduate)