Opt-in to the Midterm Check-In

The Midterm Check-In

The Midterm Check-In is an opportunity for interested instructors to collect midterm feedback in their course(s) using the Your Feedback system, which is the online system used at Western to administer the end of course Student Questionnaire on Courses and Teaching. Instructors who opt in can select Check-In questions from a question bank that will allow students to give ratings- and/or comment-based feedback. Midterm Check-In results are available only to the course instructor.

The instructor opt-in window for the Fall 2021 Midterm Check-In is October 1 to October 15, 2021. Instructions on opting in and selecting questions are available at http://www.yourfeedback.uwo.ca/instructorsMidtermguide.cfm

Students in participating courses will be able to complete their Midterm Check-In at feedback.uwo.ca from October 18 – October 22, 2021. Students will be sent an email inviting them to complete their Midterm Check-In questions when the Check-In opens as well as an email the day before it closes.

For more information about the Midterm Check-In, please see http://www.yourfeedback.uwo.ca/instructorsMidterm.cfm