Western attracts $1 million to advance virtual learning

Ten Western initiatives have been awarded a total of $1 million in funding as part of the eCampusOntario Virtual Learning Strategy.

The grants are part of a $50-million investment by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities to advance virtual learning across the province’s postsecondary institutions.

Funded Western University projects include:

  • Developing a blended Indigenous languages revitalization program Lead: Christy R. Bressette (Indigenous Initiatives)
  • Uncovering the hidden curriculum: Creating a suite of skills-based resources to support learners and promote equitable education Lead: Nicole Campbell (Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry)
  • Creating and implementing high-quality, sustainable online programs Lead: Stephanie Horsley, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Introductory communications course for new students in graduate programs Lead: Karan Siddiqui, Engineering
  • Preceptor education program: Preparing students and preceptors for on-site practice experience Lead: Lisa McCorquodale, Health Sciences
  • Signs, symptoms and investigations: A repository of medical education assets Lead: Danielle Dilkes, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Gamified simulation training for faculty development Lead: Michael Brock, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Framework and modules for courses in scientific computing Lead: Mikko Karttunen, Science
  • Connecting for climate change action Lead: Katrina Moser, Social Science
  • Creating a new online course on multiscale analysis and modeling in structural geology Lead: Jiang Dazhi, Science

Learn more about funded Western projects here.