Rapid Course Consultations Now Available

We are excited to now offer instructors the opportunity to book a Rapid Course Consulation with a CTL Instructional Designer.

Book now! Consultations will begin the Week of February 28, 2022 and are generally booked for two weeks after you submit a request.

Have you taught or are currently teaching an online asynchronous or blended course? And are you curious about how you might make smaller changes to your course for maximum learner impact?

Consider meeting with an Instructional Designer from the Centre for Teaching and Learning for a Rapid Course Consultation. Let us know one or two elements of your course that you’d like to talk about and, over the course of a one-hour meeting, we’ll help you create a plan for those areas in the current or next iteration of your course.

Instructional Designers can consult with you about:

  1. Course Navigation/Layout
  2. Efficient Course Organization (for updating and republishing your course)
  3. Course Communication Strategies
  4. Student Workload
  5. Asynchronous Online Discussions
  6. Developing or aligning learning outcomes to course activities and assessments (including possible eLearning tools)
  7. Student Self-Assessments (for tracking/reflecting on one’s own learning)
  8. Student Participation and Engagement

What happens next after I request a Rapid Course Consultation?

  1. An instructional designer will contact you to set up a 1-hour appointment and arrange to be added to a current or previous version of your OWL course site.
  2. At your 1-hour meeting, they’ll focus on learning more about your vision or questions about the course design and sharing ideas and strategies for your chosen elements based on their exploration of your OWL course site.
  3. After the session, the instructional designer will send you a list of targeted short, mid- and longer-term suggestions to help you achieve your goals for improving the specific elements of course you identified.