Thriving in the Classroom eLearning Modules

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has created six eLearning modules in OWL to help instructors foster the learning conditions that help your students thrive at Western. Each module will take about 1.5 hours to complete, and will include readings and videos, reflection questions, activities, and additional resources to support your learning. These modules include:

  • Thriving Through Teamwork
  • Thriving and Metacognition
  • Removing Barriers to Student Thriving: Trauma-informed Pedagogical Practices
  • Difficult Dialogues and Sensitive Subjects in our Curricula
  • Developing an Inclusive Teaching Practice
  • Promoting a Positive Perspective

The modules can be accessed by joining the Thriving in the Classroom OWL site.

Learn more and how to access these important new modules here.