WALS booking now open for Summer, Fall and Winter terms

The Western Active Learning Spaces (WALS) are currently welcoming bookings for Intersession/Summer 2022 and Fall/Winter 2022-23 Classes. To book these spaces, please complete the booking request form by April 6, 2022 (if you have issues accessing the form, please clear your browsing history before clicking the link). Bookings will be confirmed the following week. After April 6, the classrooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.About WALS:The Western Active Learning Spaces (WALS) represent a range of active learning classrooms available at Western University. These classrooms are designed to promote effective student engagement, collaborative learning, and the effective implementation of in-class active learning activities. You can learn more about the classrooms here. If you are interested in touring the space, please send an email to wals@uwo.ca. The Centre for Teaching and Learning provides free, required training for first time WALS users and TAs.