New self-paced learning modules on generative AI and instruction now available

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is very excited to announce the launch of the first three of four self-paced learning modules focused on Generative AI and instruction. These modules have been developed to address the complexity of Generative AI in an accessible and practical way, providing both fundamental information and actionable ideas on how to approach Generative AI in your teaching and course policies.

The modules, which can be accessed in OWL here, are designed to allow you to choose the topics that most interest you. It is not necessary to move through them in a specific order, though we recommend starting with Module 1 if you still have a lot of questions about what Generative AI is or how it works.The Centre for Teaching and Learning recognizes that generative AI is a rapidly evolving field that will likely have a significant impact on educational practices.  We will continue to develop resources and offer programming to ensure that our community of educators are equipped with the knowledge and skills to approach generative AI in an informed and ethical way.Please reach out to the eLearning team if you have any questions or wish to discuss generative AI further by emailing

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