Supported Course Redesign (SCoRe)


SCoRe is a program with competitive selection that allows selected Western faculty members to transform a fully face-to-face large-enrollment, foundational course into a blended offering, with the full support of a course redesign team dedicated to the redesign project.

Through the year-long redesign process, the Supported Course Redesign program:

  • targets large enrollment, foundational courses
  • includes a competitive selection process, choosing three to four courses per year for redesign
  • matches faculty members with an expert redesign team drawn from Western Libraries, eLearning Technologists, and the Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • offers faculty members funding and expert consultation throughout the SCoRe project
  • is evidence-based and includes a pre- and post- assessment of the course redesign to demonstrate efficacy.

Program Timeline

  • Summer, Year 1: faculty participants selected
  • Fall, Year 1: pre-course redesign assessment
  • Winter, Year 1: supported Course Redesign Learning Community (LC)
  • Summer, Year 2: independent work and course development
  • Fall or Winter, Year 2: redesigned course launched and post-course redesign assessment.


By the end of your participation in SCoRe, you will have redeveloped the selected course as a blended offering. This includes, in part:

  • a development plan to guide work to be completed
  • an updated syllabus
  • revised course learning outcomes
  • rationale for the approach to blending
  • learning resources used in the course
  • methods of assessment
  • methods of learning and instruction.

What to expect

Prior to the Supported Course Redesign Learning Community (LC) semester, you can expect members of the SCoRe team to visit your class and administer a pre-course assessment. You can also expect to hire a student to participate in the redesign process during the LC semstester.

During the LC semester, you can expect to meet weekly with the redesign team, committing 6-10 hours a week to the redesign throughout the semester. At the end of the LC semester, you will have a blended course design in place and a plan to develop any of the necessary instructional material.

After the LC semester, you can expect to be involved in turning the development plan into learning objects used to facilitate the course in its new design.

Finally, in the semester that you offer the redesigned course, you can expect the SCoRe team to visit your class and administer the post-design assessment.

Program Information


Tenured faculty teaching large-enrollment, introductory courses. Participation requires support of department and Dean.

We are no longer accepting applications.

SCoRe Program Course Designs

Our first SCoRe cohort, conducted during the winter 2017 semester, included Dr. Tom Haffie from the Department of Biology and Dr. Jennifer Irwin from the School of Health Studies.

Biology 1001A/1002B (2016-17)

Dr. Haffie, with the help of his SCoRe redesign team (Beth Hundey, Jen Sadler, Winona Gadapati, Joel Slade), redesigned his Biology for Science course to integrate a variety of in-class and online learning activities and assessments that he and his colleagues had adopted over time to create a formal, blended course offering.

Health Sciences 2250A (2016-17)

Dr. Irwin and her SCoRe redesign team (Roxanne Isard, Ramon Sanchez, Vinh Hieu Ly) worked to incorporate online learning activities and technology into her primarily classroom-based Introduction to Health Promotion course.

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“In first year biology at Western, the SCoRe project will be one of those milestones around which history is organized. Events will be noted as happening “before SCoRe” or “after SCoRe”. The support for this project has allowed our team to make fundamental improvements in the local culture of teaching and learning.”   -Prof. Tom Haffie, 2016-17 Cohort

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