Award Winners

Fellowship in Teaching Innovation Award

Past Fellowship Recipients




Project Title

Courtney Casserly

Clinical Neurological Sciences

2023 Renorming health care teaching: using an online teaching module to prepare learners to perform a lumbar puncture in a clinical setting

Ashley McKeown


2023 Aesthetic Reflection Assessment – Innovating Curriculum through Collaboration

Oana Birceanu, Christine Bell, Angela Beye, Fabiana Caetano-Crowley & Anita Woods

Physiology & Pharmacology

2022 Horizontal Curriculum Integration in Physiology and Pharmacology Undergraduate Courses

Laura Cayen and Jessica Polzer

Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

2022 Screenshot Elicitation as Critical Pedagogy: Engaging Students through Self-Tracking Apps

Geneviève De Viveiros

French Studies

2020 Improving literacy in French with interactive audiobooks

Heather Hill, Paulette Rothbauer, Marni Harrington

Information and Media Studies

2020 Indigenizing and decolonizing the curriculum of the MLIS program

Aleksandra Zecevic and Tara Mantler

Health Studies

2019 Impact of Innovative Engaged Learning in Higher Education on Career Development: A pilot study

Robert Cockcroft

Physics and Astronomy

2019 Reconciliation through Indigenous skies: Developing and offering an undergraduate course with a two-eyed seeing approach to astronomy

Robert Corless

Mathematical & Statistical Sciences

2018 Computational Discovery on Jupyter

Aaron Hodgson

Music Performance Studies

2018 Global concerts, global teaching: Live streaming across the Applied Music Instruction Curriculum

Emily Knight

Health Studies

2017 Lightboards in Our Classrooms: Student-Generated Videos Using Novel Instructional Technology

Lloy Wylie, Ava John-Baptiste, Stephanie Hayne Beatty & Lisa Boyko

Schulich Interfaculty Program in Public Health

Student Success Centre

2017 Partnering for Change: A Model of Community Engaged Public Health Education

Nicole Campbell

Bachelor of Medical Sciences Program 2016 Implementing ePortfolios for Senior Undergraduate Medical Science Students to Promote Lifelong Learning

Richard Booth & Barbara Sinclair

Nursing 2015 Medication administration and the SMART Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) technology: Generating and evaluating teaching-learning best practices in simulated clinical practice
Priya Subramanian,
Sreelatha Varapravan, Iouri Rybak & Amer Burhan
Psychiatry 2014 Enhancing Suicide Risk Assessment Skills through Simulations in a Virtual Environment
Mark McDayter & Alison Conway English
Writing, Rhetoric & Professional Communication
2013 Constructing Communities of Writing: New Technologies and Peer Instruction in the Humanities
Yolanda Babenko-Mould & Karen Ferguson Nursing 2012 Reconceptualizing 'Neighbourhood as Community': Innovation in Student Placement Settings

Bethany White, David Bellhouse, Sohail Khan, Mary Millard & Duncan Murdoch

Statistical and Actuarial Sciences


"The Best of Both Worlds: Blending online and face-to-face instruction in Introductory Statistics”

Peter A. Ferguson & Bruce Fyfe

Political Science & Western Library


“Critical Success”: Developing a collaborative, fully integrated information literacy infrastructure into a Political Science curriculum

Barry Schwartz, Richard Bohay & Judy McCormick



Evaluating the introduction of a patient’s voice in dental education through reflective experiential learning and self reported changes in empathy

Joerg Dietz

Richard Ivey School of Business


Creating Cross-Cultural Experiences at The University of Western Ontario: Studying with International Exchange Students and Using Virtual Technologies

Tamie Poepping, Blaine Chronik, Ian MacDonald & Eugene Wong

Physics & Astronomy, Medical Biophysics


Development of Medical Physics Lab Experiments for Teaching Physics

Karen Ferguson & Barbara Sinclair



Integrated Curriculum Design

William Turkel



Handheld Computing for Place-Based Learning

Tom Haffie



PRESSWestern: Implementation of Personal Response Technology in Large Classrooms

Shelley McKellar



Learning through Objects - Development of the UWO Medical Artifact Collection as a Teaching and Research Resource

Tom Stavraky

Physiology & Pharmacology


Interactive Multimedia Modules for Higher Education in Human Physiology

Jin Jiang

Electrical & Computer Engineering


An Innovative Approach using Advanced Technology to Enhancing the Effectiveness of Classroom Instruction and Laboratory Learning for Large Classes

Western University Awards for Excellence in Teaching

The Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching

Recipients Department / Faculty Year
John Paul Minda Social Science 2023-24
Lauren Tribe Engineering 2023-24
Eugene Wong Science 2023-24
Nicole Campbell Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 2022-23
O. Remus Tutunea-Fatan Engineering 2022-23
Shauna Burke Health Studies  2021-22
Maria Ferraro Management and Organizational Studies  2021-22
Joe Gilroy Chemistry 2021-22
Sarah McLean Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 2021-22
Kim Solga English and Writing Studies 2020-21
Michele Weir Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 2020-21
Randall Graham Law 2019-20
Daniel Belliveau Health Studies 2018-19
Jose Herrera Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 2018-19
Joel Faflak English and Writing Studies 2017-18
Lisa Hodgetts Anthropology 2017-18
Aleksandra Zecevic Health Studies 2017-18
Margaret Jane Kidnie English and Writing Studies 2016-17
Jacqueline Specht Education 2016-17
Quazi Rahman Electrical and Computer Engineering 2016-17
Ann Bigelow Management and Organizational Studies 2015-16
George Gadanidis Education  2015-16
Wendy Pearson Women’s Studies and Feminist Research 2015-16
Jennifer Irwin Health Studies 2014-15
Lars Konermann Chemistry 2014-15
Kibret Mequanint Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 2014-15
Charles Trick Biology / Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 2014-15
Battista, Jerry Medical Biophysics 2013-14
Tsujita, Cameron Earth Sciences 2013-14
Brush, Kathryn Visual Arts 2012-13
Heisz, Mary Richard Ivey School of Business 2012-13
Jin, Jisuo Earth Sciences 2012-13
McWilliam, Carol Arthur Labatt School of Nursing 2011-12
Pitel, Stephen G.A. Faculty of Law 2011-12
Workentin, Mark Chemistry 2011-12
Blackmore, Tim Faculty of Information and Media Studies 2010-11
Keep, Christopher English 2010-11
Smith, Graham Geography 2010-11
Stavraky, Tom Physiology and Pharmacology 2010-11
Bruhn de Garavito, Joyce Modern Languages and Literatures 2009-10
Krahn, Andrew D. Medicine 2009-10
Obright, Kathy Physical Therapy 2009-10
Leonard, John English 2008-09
Dean, Robert Biology 2008-09
Barclay, Donald Business 2007-08
Lipson, Robert Chemistry 2007-08
Vernon, Richard Political Science 2007-08
Lapenskie, Garry Kinesiology 2006-07
Pepper, Susan Psychology 2006-07
Straatman, Anthony Mechanical and Materials Engineering 2006-07
Westmacott, Martin Political Science 2006-07
Atkinson, Michael Psychology 2005-06
Kelly, Gregory Biology 2005-06
Whippey, Patrick W. Physics and Astronomy 2004-05
Longstaffe, Fred J. Earth Sciences 2004-05
Eramian, Gregory Modern Languages & Literatures 2003-04
Harman, Lesley Sociology, King's College 2003-04
Puddephatt, Richard Chemistry 2003-04
Johnson, Marjorie Bachelor of Health Sciences Program / Anatomy & Cell Biology 2002-03
Leschied, Alan Education 2002-03
Martin, Ronald Chemistry 2002-03
Thorp, John Philosophy 2002-03
Hair, Donald English 2001-02
Hicock, Stephen Earth Sciences 2001-02
Howard, John Medicine & Pediatrics 2001-02
Mcinnes, Mitchell Law 2001-02
De Looze, Laurence Modern Language 2000-01
Erskine, James Business 2000-01
Gedalof, Allan English 2000-01
Gerace, Rocco Medicine 2000-01
Bartlett, F. Michael Civil & Environmental Engineering 1999-00
Garcia, Bertha M. Pathology 1999-00
White, Jerry P. Sociology 1999-00
Wood, Eric Education 1999-00
Dickinson, Gregory M. Education 1998-99
Falkenstein, Lorne Philosophy 1998-99
Haines, Roland A. Chemistry 1998-99
Kneale, J. Douglas English 1998-99
Cheetham, Mark A. Visual Arts 1997-98
Coulter, Rebecca Education 1997-98
Howell, Jane M. Business 1997-98
Morrow, Don Kinesiology 1997-98
Hunter, Duncan H. Chemistry 1996-97
Mikalachki, Alexander Business 1996-97
Elias, Victor W. Applied Mathematics 1996-97
Onslow, Barry A. Education 1996-97
Cartwright, Donald G. Geography 1995-96
Chan, Francis P.H. Anatomy & Cell Biology 1995-96
Goldman, S. Pedro Physics 1995-96
Rowe, R. Kerry Civil Engineering 1995-96
Baddour, Raouf E. Civil Engineering 1994-95
Laforet-Fliesser, Yvette Nursing 1994-95
Haffie, Tom L. Plant Sciences 1994-95
Usselman, Melvyn C. Chemistry 1994-95
Cooper, Paul E. Medicine 1993-94
Burgoyne, David G. Business 1993-94
Goodale, Melvyn A. Psychology 1993-94
Santor, Donald M. Education 1992-93
Gillese, Eileen Law 1992-93
Bentley, David M.R. English 1992-93
Petersen, Nils O. Chemistry 1992-93
Hatch, James E. Business 1991-92
Hollomby, David J. Medicine 1991-92
Meath, William J. Chemistry 1991-92
Robinson, Marilyn M. Physiology 1991-92
Haase, Peter Anatomy 1990-91
Hore, Jonathan Physiology 1990-91
Baird, Colin Chemistry 1989-90
Distefano, Joseph Business 1989-90
Lenardon, Dante King's 1989-90
Lennon, Madeline Modern Languages 1989-90
Fisher, William A. Psychology 1988-89
Rosati, Peter Civil Engineering 1988-89
Mercer, Paul F. Physiology 1988-89
Palmer, John Preston Economics 1987-88
Tarasuk, John David Mechanical Engineering 1987-88
Allahar, Anton Sociology 1987-88
Hopkins, William George Plant Sciences 1987-88
Edmonds, Merrill W. Medicine 1986-87
Lachance, M. Andre Plant Sciences 1986-87
Weston, Wayne W. Family Medicine 1986-87
Fraser, Peter A. Applied Mathematics 1985-86
Montemurro, Donald G. Anatomy 1985-86
Stingle, Richard M. English 1985-86
Asensio, Jaime Modern Language & Literature 1984-85
Barney, Robert Physical Education 1984-85
Bellhouse, David Statistics & Actuarial Science 1984-85
Edwardson, Barbara Phsyical Therapy 1984-85
Sills, Paul Dentistry 1983-84
Silcox, James Obstetrics & Gynaecology 1982-83
Hunter, Ian Law 1982-83
Bauer, Michael Computer Science 1981-82
Gaily, Dean Physics 1981-82
Walden, David Plant Sciences 1981-82
Farber, Carole Anthropology 1980-81
Murray, Harry Psychology 1980-81
Solomon, Robert Law 1980-81
Sharp, Sister Corona English (Brescia) 1980-81

The Angela Armitt Award for Excellence in Teaching by Part-Time Faculty

Recipient Department / Faculty Year
Nigel Joseph English and Writing Studies 2022-23
Anita Cramp Health Studies 2021-22
Anna Madelska Visual Arts 2020-21
Niki Sharan Biology 2020-21
Lauren Barr Sociology 2019-20
Christine Bell Physiology and Pharmacology 2019-20
Michele Barbeau Anatomy and Cell Biology 2018-19
Julie Theurer Communication Sciences and Disorders 2017-18
Wendy Crocker Education 2016-17
Jane Edwards Education  2015-16
Heather Gillis Health Sciences 2015-16
Warren Steele Information and Media Studies 2014-15
Garber, Larry English and Writing Studies 2013-14
Koscinski, Daria Biology 2013-14
Waugh, Jennifer Biology 2012-13
Mockler, Kathryn Writing, Rhetoric and Professional Communication 2011-12
Wolf, Marla Psychology 2010-11
Watson, David L. Education 2009-10
Gorodzinsky, Fabian Paediatrics 2007-08
Nguyen, Khoa Applied Mathematics 2006-07
Narain, Nigmendra Political Science 2005-06
Calvin, Kay Chemistry 2004-05
Millard, Mary Statistical & Actuarial Science 2001-02
Rourke, James Family Medicine 1998-99
Dawson, Debra Education 1996-97
Lingard, John C. English 1995-96
Halpern, Sonia S. Modern Languages and Literatures 1994-95
Stow, Glenys M. English 1993-94
King, Jeanne E. Plant Sciences 1991-92
Mackie, Iain Medicine 1990-91
Stanko, Stanley English 1989-90

The Marilyn Robinson Award for Excellence in Teaching

Recipient Department / Faculty Year
Tiffany Bayley Ivey Business School 2023-24
Tyler Beveridge Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 2023-24
Maxwell Smith Health Studies 2023-24
Heather Gillis Physical Therapy 2022-23
Joanna Langille Law 2022-23
Frank Myslik Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 2022-23
Julie Theurer Communication Sciences and Disorders  2021-22
Amy Horton Nursing 2020-21
Paul Mensink Biology 2020-21
Robert Cockcroft Physics and Astronomy 2019-20
Fabiana Crowley Physiology and Pharmacology 2019-20
Kimberley Jackson Nursing 2019-20
Nicole Campbell Physiology and Pharmacology 2018-19
Charys Martin Anatomy and Cell Biology 2018-19
Tara Mantler Health Studies 2018-19
Dave Humphreys Kinesiology 2017-18
Sarah McLean Physiology and Pharmacology/Anatomy and Cell Biology 2017-18
Dan Bousfield Political Science 2016-17
Miranda Green-Barteet Women's Studies and Feminist Research 2016-17
Shauna Burke Health Studies  2015-16
Elizabeth Greene Classical Studies 2014-15
Jackie Sadi Physical Therapy 2013-14
Brad Urquhart Physiology and Pharmacology 2013-14
Susan Knabe Information and Media Studies and Women's Studies and Feminist Research 2012-13
Anita Woods Physiology and Pharmacology 2012-13
Amanda Grzyb Information and Media Studies 2011-12
Timothy Wilson Anatomy and Cell Biology 2011-12
Benjamin R. Lester Economics 2010-11
Faisal Rehman Medicine 2009-10
Christine Sprengler Visual Arts 2009-10
Felix Lee Chemistry 2008-09
Henri Boyi French Studies 2008-09
Kim Solga English 2008-09
Kim Verwaayen Women's Studies and Feminist Research 2008-09
Nicole Haggerty Business 2007-08
Christopher Viger Philosophy 2007-08
Cynthia Dunning Mechanical and Materials Engineering 2006-07
Mark McDayter English 2005-06
Cameron J. Tusjita Earth Sciences 2004-05
Lindi Wahl Applied Mathematics USC 2003-04
Sheila Macfie Plant Sciences 2002-03
Thomas Stavraky Physiology 2001-02
Mark S.Workentin Chemistry 1999-00
Alison Conway English 1998-99
Jane Leney French 1997-98
Jeff Tennant French 1996-97

Western Award for Innovations in Technology-Enhanced Teaching

Recipient Department / Faculty Year
Paul Mensink


William Turkel


Susan Scollie

Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Richard Booth


Anita Woods

Physiology and Pharmacology

Barbara Sinclair



The Vice-Provost (Academic Programs) Award for Excellence in Collaborative Teaching

Recipients and Department / Faculty Year
Indigenous Learning Bundles Project (Education) 2024
Course Development Team for Geography 2133: Connecting for Climate Change Action 2023
Cheryle Seguin and Trevor Birmingham (Bone and Joint Institute) 2022
Anita Woods, Tom Stavraky, and Angela Beye (Physiology and Pharmacology) 2019
Michele Hamilton and Michael Dove (History) 2018
Andrew Walsh (Anthropology), Ian Colquhoun (Anthropology), and Alex Totomarovario (Applied Linguistics, L’Université d’Antsiranana) 2017

The Vice-Provost (Academic Programs) Award for Excellence in Online Teaching and Blended Learning

Recipients and Department / Faculty Year
Angela Mendelovici, David Bourget and Christopher Viger (Philosophy)
Elaine Fournier (Education) 2023
Brian Allman, Michele Barbeau, Tyler Beveridge, Charys Martin, Tim Wilson, David Creces and Haley Linklater (Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry/Anatomy and Cell Biology) 2022
Tricia Johnson (Visual Arts) 2022
Tom Stavraky, Angela Beye, Anita Woods, Christie Vanderboor, Boun Thai and Temitope Akintola (student intern) (Physiology and Pharmacology) 2021
Diane Bryant (Physical Therapy) 2020
Sarah McLean (Physiology and Pharmacology/Anatomy and Cell Biology) 2019
Anne Kinsella, Ann Bossers, Karen Ferguson, Julie Whitehead, Taslim Moosa, Susan Schurr, Ann MacPhail, Karen Jenkins, Mary Beth Bezzina, and Mike Ravenek (Occupational Therapy) 2018
Brenton Faubert (Education) 2017

University Students' Council Teaching Awards

USC President's Medal for Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching

Recipient Department / Faculty Year
Tom Haffie Biology 2016

Western University's Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Recipient Department / Faculty Year
Mark Baker Physics and Astronomy 2019
Philip King DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies 2019
Scott Loveland Ivey Business School 2019
Nigmendra Narain Political Science 2019
Ayman M. El Ansary Engineering 2018
Keith Griffiths Chemistry 2018
Amy Horton Nursing 2018
Roberto Solis-Oba Computer Science 2018
Aiham Adawi Civil & Environmental Engineering 2017
Anton Allahar Sociology 2017
Raza Khan Ivey Business School 2017
Sarah McLean Anatomy & Cell Biology 2017
Nicholas Kahnert Business Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) 2016
Quazi Rahman Electrical and Computer Engineering 2016
Sarah Ross Business Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) 2016
Aaron Sigut Physics & Astronomy 2016
Larry Garber English and Writing Studies 2015
Felix Lee Chemistry 2015
Mario Longtin French 2015
Sebastien Ruffo French 2015
Mark Workentin Chemistry 2015
Jenna Butler Computer Science PhD Candidate 2014
Peter Ferguson Political Science 2014
Tom Haffie Biology 2014
Quazi Rahman Engineering 2014
Mitsume Fukui Faculty of Arts and Humanities 2013
Jennifer Irwin Faculty of Health Sciences 2013
M.J. Kidnie Faculty of Arts and Humanities 2013
Anita Woods Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry 2013
Julie Gosse Richard Ivey School of Business 2012
Eli Gladstone Richard Ivey School of Business 2012
Sean Burkett Richard Ivey School of Business 2012
Lars Konermann Science 2012
Henry Meredith Music 2011
Derek McLachlin Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 2011
Felix Lee Science 2011
Mark Lee Social Science 2011
Robert Hudson Chemistry & Biochemistry 2010
Ben Lester Economics 2010
Jan Minac Mathematics 2010
Aleksandra Zecevic Health Sciences 2010
William Colby Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 2009
Peter Ferguson Political Science 2009
Charles Jones Political Science 2009
Carolyn McLeaod Philosophy 2009
Jill Ball Music 2008
Neil Bradford Political Science, Huron University College 2008
Stephen Pitel Law 2008
Rob Wardhaugh History 2008
Radoslav Dimitrov Political Science 2007
Douglas Leighton History, Huron University College 2007
Patrick Whippey Physics & Astronomy 2007
Tim Wilson Bachelor of Health Sciences Program 2007
Randal Graham Law 2006
Chuck Levine Sociology 2006
Daniel Munro Political Science, Huron University College 2006
Tutis Vilis Physiology & Pharmacology 2006
Craig Simpson History 2005
Melvyn Usselman Chemistry 2005
Jennifer Irwin Health Science 2005
Kim Verwaayen Women's Studies 2005
Joanna Quinn Political Science 2004
Roland Haines Chemistry 2004
Denis Shackel Business 2004
Graham Smith Geography 2004
Anton Allahar Sociology 2003
Garry Lapenskie Kinesiology 2003
Bruce Morrison Political Science 2003
Maureen Smith Education 2003
James Erskine Business 2002
Marjorie Johnson Kinesiology 2002
Christopher Keep English 2002
Mark Workentin Chemistry 2002
Alison Lee English 2001
Alexandra Hurst Business 2001
Laura Melnyk Gribble Psychology 2001
Mary Heisz Social Science 2001
Alison Conway English 2000
Shannon Gadowsky Human Ecology, Brescia College 2000
Ian Kerr Law & Information and Media Studies 2000
Tom Stavraky Physiology 2000
Sonia Halpern Centre for Women's Studies and Feminist Research 1999
Mitchell Mcinnes Law 1999
David Stanford Statistical & Actuarial Sciences 1999
Jerry White Sociology 1999
Dean Gailey Science 1998
Robert Hawkins Law 1998
Don Morrow Health Sciences 1998
Mark Workentin Science 1998
Jan MINAC Mathematics 1997
Michael Lusztig Political Science 1997
Andres Perez Political Science 1997
Peter Poole Applied Mathematics 1997
Anton Allahar Sociology 1996
Mike Atkinson Psychology 1996
Dino Bidinosti Chemistry 1996
Bud Johnston Business 1996

External Awards

3M National Teaching Fellowships

Recipient Department / Faculty Year
CAMPBELL, Nicole Physiology and Pharmacology 2024
ZECEVIC, Aleksandra Health Studies 2020
PEARSON, Wendy Women's Studies and Feminist Research 2019
TSUJITA, Cameron Earth Sciences 2014
GOLDSZMIDT, Mark Department of Medicine 2013
JOHNSON, Marjorie Anatomy and Cell Biology 2012
SILCOX, Jim Obstetrics & Gynecology 2008
ALLAHAR, Anton Sociology 2005
GARCIA, Bertha Pathology 2004
CHAN, Francis Ping-Hung Anatomy & Cell Biology 2000
ATKINSON, Mike Psychology 1998
CARTWRIGHT, Donald Geography 1996
HAFFIE, Tom Plant Sciences (now in Biology) 1995
BENTLEY, David English 1994
MERCER, Paul Physiology 1994
FENTON, Brock Biology (received award while at York University) 1993
ROBINSON, Marilyn Physiology 1993
MURRAY, H. G. Psychology 1992
WESTON, Wayne Medicine 1992
GEDALOF, Alan English (now in Film Studies) 1991
GAILY, T. D. Physics 1991
LENNON, Madeline Modern Languages and Literatures (now in Visual Arts) 1990
BAIRD, Colin Chemistry 1990
SILLS, Paul Dentistry 1989
ROSATI, Peter Engineering 1988
ERSKINE, James Business 1986
GILLESE, Eileen Law 1986

Apereo Teaching and Learning Award (ATLAS)

Recipient Department / Faculty Year
Sébastien Ruffo French Studies 2019
Michael Friesen Faculty of Information and Media Studies 2018

D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning

Recipient Department / Faculty Year
Candace Brunette-Debassige, Dr. Kahente Horn-Miller, Sara Mai Chitty, Dr. Erica Neeganagwedgin, Dr. Sakihitowin Awasis, Dr. Jennifer Komorowski, Dr. Robyn K. Rowe, Melissa Schnaar, Cindy Smithers Graeme, Tammy Johnson, Aamir Aman, Denise Quildon, Liz Warwick, Jodie Roach, Abby Chapman, Liz Akiwenzie, Urban Iskwew Education 2024
Katrina Moser, Sara Mai Chitty, Beth Hundey, Serena Mendizabal, Aamir Aman, Ramon Sanchez, Jodie Roach, Gelila Ayele, Bridget Koza, Corey Vercauteren, Joshua Matthew, Joshua Swarath, Kosuke Maeda, Luis Velez Rizo, Minhal Farrukh, Hawlii Pichette Geography: Connecting for Climate Change Action 2023
Barbara Sinclair Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing 2018
Aleksandra Zecevic School of Health Sciences 2015

Christopher Knapper Lifetime Achievement


Department / Faculty


Debra Dawson

Teaching Support Centre / The Centre for Research on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (CRTLHE)


Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Association Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards

Recipient Department / Faculty Year
Nicole Campbell Physiology and Pharmacology 2022
Joel Faflak English and Writing Studies 2020
Jennifer Irwin Health Studies 2019
Quazi Rahman Electrical and Computer Engineering 2017
Marjorie Johnson Anatomy and Cell Biology 2016
Margaret Jane Kidnie English and Writing Studies 2014
Stephen Pitel Law 2013
Cameron Tsujita Earth Sciences 2009
Michael Pearce Business 2007
Anton Allahar Sociology 2004
Stephen Hicock Earth Sciences 2003
Bertha Garcia Pathology 2002
John M. Howard Medicine & Paediatrics 2001
Mark Workentin Chemistry 2001
Neil Macrae Earth Sciences 2000
Duncan Hunter Chemistry 1999
Jim Silcox Obstetrics & Gynaecology 1999
Rebecca Coulter Education 1997
Peter Haase Anatomy & Cell Biology 1996
Kerry Rowe Civil Engineering 1996
Melvyn Usselman Chemistry 1996
Marilyn Robinson Physiology 1994
Nils Petersen Chemistry 1992
Donald Hair English 1991
Merrill Edmonds Medicine 1990
Stanley Stanko English 1990
Allan Gedalof English 1989
T. D. Gaily Physics 1989
William Fisher Psychology 1988
Carroll Iwasiw Nursing 1987
Maryann Ayim Education 1985
Robert Solomon LAW 1985
Harry G. Murray Psychology 1983
Paul S. Sills Dentistry 1983
Ronald Martin Chemistry 1982
Michael Bauer Computer Science 1981
Valentina Donisch Biochemistry 1981
Arthur E. Barker Renaissance Literature 1980
Donald G. Cartwright Geography 1980
Roland A. Haines Chemistry 1979
Charles Levine Sociology 1979
Henri Tuchmaier French 1979
Aleksis Dreimanis Geology 1978
William McMurray Biochemistry 1978
Barbara Houston Education 1977
Paul B. Park Education 1977
Edward G. Pleva Geography 1977
D. R. Bidinosti Chemistry 1976
A. W. Bryant Law 1976
D. B. McMillan Zoology 1976
C. Roberts Nursing 1976
Jessie Mantle Nursing 1975
Craig Simpson History 1975
Colin Baird Chemistry 1974
Carl F. Grindstaff Sociology 1974
Martin Westmacott Political Science 1974

Peter Rosati

Engineering Science


Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance Teaching Award

Recipient Year
Dr. Nicole Campbell 2020
Professor Mark Robert Baker 2019
Dr. Tarek Loubani 2018
Dr. Sarah McLean 2017
Dr. Radoslav Dimitrov 2016
Dr. Lawrence Garber 2015
Dr. Quazi Mehbubar Rahman 2014
Dr. Anita Woods 2013
Professor Julie Gosse 2012
Professor Marilyn Norman 2011
Dr. Ben Lester 2010
Dr. Peter Ferguson 2009