Supported Course Redesign (SCoRe)


Supported Course Redesign (SCoRe) is a six-week asynchronous community of practice that supports faculty in the redesign of their courses to teach online or blended.

In addition to a dedicated LMS site with lessons and activities, participants will meet synchronously for 6 weeks to brainstorm solutions, share strategies and celebrate their achievements.

SCoRe follows a six-week schedule:

Week 0 (Self-Directed) Overview and Orientation
Week 1 Community of Inquiry Framework and Course Visualization
Week 2 Choosing Assessments and Course Activities
Week 3 Student Collaboration and eLearning Tools
Week 4 Course Communication and Layout
Week 5 Academic Integrity, Copyright, OER
Week 6 Participant Showcase


By the end of SCoRe, participants will be able to:

  • identify specific strategies for teaching online and blended courses
  • incorporate evidence-based practices for student learning and engagement, including alignment between learning outcomes, course assessments and learning activities
  • identify course-related resources that are currently available to incorporate into an online or blended course and which need to be developed
  • select eLearning tools that support the outcomes for student learning
  • create and implement an online course design plan in OWL
  • create digital materials that are accessible to a variety of learners

What to expect

This small enrolment workshop occurs entirely online over a six-week period. Expect to spend an average of 8-10 hours a week on related activities:

  • 1.5 hours synchronous Community of Practice
  • 2 hours self-directed asynchronous content
  • 4.5 - 6.5 hours building your OWL site

Participants will experience the role of both online instructor and online learner, and can expect to interact with and learn from other participants.

Program Information

Upcoming Sessions

No upcoming session is scheduled at present.


We welcome a range of participants into SCoRe who have current Western University Credentials, including instructors, instructional designers, librarians, and PhD students with teaching appointments.


Registration instructions

  1. Login to Western Connect using your Western username and password. 
  2. Go to the Event Calendars section and select the Centre for Teaching and Learning calendar, then select the program you wish to register in. Details and a description of the program will appear.
  3. Select ONE session you would like to attend from the calendar. Details and a description will appear. If you select more than one session, you will be removed from all sessions.
  4. Select the Register on Waiting List button. You will receive an automated confirmation email to your Western email account.
  5. To complete your registration to be considered for enrolment, complete SCoRe acknowledgement form found in your automated confirmation email.
  6. If we do not receive a completed acknowledge form, you will not be considered for enrolment.
  7. If there is a spot for you in the program, you will receive a Registration Confirmation email to your Western email account, which means you are officially registered in the program. If you do not receive a Registration Confirmation email, you will remain on the Waiting List until a spot becomes available.

Due to high demand, spaces in this program are limited. Please register on Waiting List and complete the SCoRe acknowledgement form as soon as possible to secure your spot in the session. 

If you have any questions or problems registering for an event, please consult our FAQs or contact

Prerequisites / Recommended Preparation

Participants need to have a webcam and microphone.

SCoRe Program Course Designs

Our first SCoRe cohort, conducted during the winter 2017 semester, included Dr. Tom Haffie from the Department of Biology and Dr. Jennifer Irwin from the School of Health Studies.

Biology 1001A/1002B (2016-17)

Dr. Haffie, with the help of his SCoRe redesign team (Beth Hundey, Jen Sadler, Winona Gadapati, Joel Slade), redesigned his Biology for Science course to integrate a variety of in-class and online learning activities and assessments that he and his colleagues had adopted over time to create a formal, blended course offering.

Health Sciences 2250A (2016-17)

Dr. Irwin and her SCoRe redesign team (Roxanne Isard, Ramon Sanchez, Vinh Hieu Ly) worked to incorporate online learning activities and technology into her primarily classroom-based Introduction to Health Promotion course.

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“In first year biology at Western, the SCoRe project will be one of those milestones around which history is organized. Events will be noted as happening “before SCoRe” or “after SCoRe”. The support for this project has allowed our team to make fundamental improvements in the local culture of teaching and learning.”   -Prof. Tom Haffie, 2016-17 Cohort

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