Self-Directed eLearning Modules

Western CTL offers a variety of self-directed learning modules for instructors to explore and learn about eLearning. These modules present information surrounding best practices in online course design and beyond. We welcome you to explore the topics most relevant to your current learning needs.

Self-Directed eLearning for Instructors

ABC Online Course Design

Self-paced student-centred rapid course development for instructors looking to shift their course from in-person to online.

Thriving in the Classroom

eLearning modules about the educational practices that foster student success and resilience.

Open Instructional Skills Workshop Online (ISW-O)

A compressed, self-guided version of our ISW-O program.

Self-Directed eLearning for Teaching Assistants

TA eLearning Series

Asynchronous TA Training Modules designed to equip participants with strategies for being effective teaching assistants in blended and online classrooms.

TA Fundamentals

Registration for TA Day also gives participants access to seven elearning asynchronous modules.