Assessing Online and Blended Learning

Introduction to Online Assessments (3 min)

In this short video, we present an overview of what is considered assessment and cover briefly ideas surrounding conducting assessment in the online or blended teaching spaces. 

How can assessments be designed and adapted for online learning?

  1. Use a variety of assessments to evaluate diverse activities (see alternative assessments below)
  2. Use a variety of group and individual learning experiences.
  3. Use synchronous and asynchronous learning activities.
  4. Ensure your online assessments are accessible

How do I set up assessments in OWL?

  1. The OWL assessment tools allow for formative and summative assessment of student learning.
  2. Check out the Assessments page in Western’s eLearning Toolkit to explore the different tools that can be incorporated into your OWL course.
  3. Plan for Success with these key considerations.
  4. Choose an eLearning Tool that aligns with the student outcome you are looking for. 
  5. Figure out the best eLearning tool with our Rubric for eLearning Tools.

How can I minimize online marking, yet provide students with appropriate feedback?

  1. Use clearly defined grading criteria, such as rubrics.
  2. Use self-marking quizzes in OWL to decrease grading load.
  3. Encourage self-evaluation and/or peer-evaluations. Both can improve student learning and build community.
  4. Look for opportunities to provide feedback to the entire class (announcement or email summarizing patterns observed in student assignments).
  5. Consider other efficient Grading and Feedback options.

Next Steps to Consider

  1. Explore methods for Grading and Feedback in OWL
  2. What is self-assessment?
  3. Digital Peer Assessment
  4. Dive deeper into Assessing Student Learning.

Alternative Assessment (5 min)

In this video, we review the reasons behind choosing alternative assessments and provide examples for consideration. 

Tips for Assessing Large Enrolment Courses (8 min)

In this short video, we present tips for addressing common assessment challenges in online courses with large enrolments. 



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